Mannasim Framework

Access Point Configuration Window

Access point configuration window presents to the user a set of customizable AP parameters. Click on the thumbnail bellow to see a complete picture of AP configuration window.

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Access Point Number
Number of access points in the WSN. In general there is only one AP per WSN so, this is the default value.If this value is set to zero than there will be no AP in the network.
Access Point Location
Access point location in the simulation scenario. Seven options are provided: Center (default), Down Left Corner, Down Right Corner, Grid, Random, Up Left Corner and Up Right Corner
Initial Energy
Start-up energy provided within access point node. Initial energy is expressed in joules and by default itīs set to 100.0 joules.
Access Point Application
Access point application object as defined in Mannasim implementation (see Access Point class definition in Mannasim Framework Classes Documentation). Provides a new instance of an access point in simulation scenario.
Transmission Range
Communication range for access point node. Default range is set to 100.0 meters.