Mannasim Framework

Cluster Head Configuration Window

Cluster Heard nodes configuration window is shown in figure bellow (click on it to enlarge). Unless it's user intention to create a hierarchical WSN, this dialog should be left with default values. IMPORTANT: values defined here applies to all cluster heads in the WSN.

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Cluster Head Number
Number of clusters, and consequently cluster heads in the WSN. To create a non-hierarchical WSN simple set this field to zero.
Cluster Head Location
Cluster heads location. If random option is set then clusters are randomly distributed over the simulation area. A second choice is to equally distribute the nodes in the WSN. This is grid option witch is the default value.
Initial Energy
Start-up energy provided within a cluster head node. Initial energy is expressed in joules and by default its set to 10.0 joules.
Cluster Head Application
Cluster head application object as defined in Mannasim implementation (see Cluster Head class definition in Mannasim Framework Classes Documentation). Provides a new instance of a cluster head in simulation scenario.
Processing Type
Specifies how received data from cluster sons should be processed (see Processing class definition in Mannasim Framework Classes Documentation). Aggregate Processing is the default specialized processing provided within the Mannasim Framework. The user is encouraged to create new ones.
Transmission Range
Communication range for cluster head nodes. Default range is set to 70.0 meters.
Dissemination Type
Dissemination type for processed data. Three kinds of dissemination are provided: Continuous, On Demand and Programmed (default).
Dissemination Interval
Time interval between two consecutive disseminations. Time defined in seconds. On demand dissemination don't makes use of this parameter and for continuous dissemination the interval should be as small as possible (0.001s for example). Default value is set to 50.0 seconds.